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This page displays several of the commissioned furniture pieces that I have fabricated over the past few years.  All of the items were designed by  verbal conversations with the customer.  In most cases, the customer is not quite sure exactly what they want and leave the final design and fabrication to me.
Price vary based on design detail.  For quotes on custom items, e-mail requests to:
"Four Post Doll Bed"
Commissioned by Noreen
The bed is 12" x 24" with a scrolled heart in the headboard.
Made as a Christmas present for her grand daughter
"Fox Bench"
Commissioned by Fitzgerald Elementary School, Rialto, CA
I was asked to create an 8 foot church pew for the school Administration office.   I added the pyrographic  school fox logo on each end as a bonus.
"Name Tag Roller"
Commissioned by Fitzgerald Elementary School PTA
They had large rolls of visitor badges and wanted a simple inexpensive holder.  This was made completely from small scraps of red oak that were laying around the workshop.
"Reading Glasses Holder"
Commissioned by Rick
he ordered two of these reading glasses Holders, one for his office and one for his church.  They hold various strength reading glasses for those that forget theirs.
"Door Bell Cover"
Commissioned by Laurie
Sized to fit precisely over the plastic door bell housing.  I also had to identically match the finish with the color of her other furniture which turned out to be a red mahogany stain.
"Native American Doll Display Case"
Commissioned by Carol
Backed with a mirror and glass on three sides.  The top is a lid for easy removal of  4 foot doll.
"Television Cabinet"
Commissioned by Linda
The two side cabinets already existed.  She wanted a matching center cabinet for the TV.
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"3 drawer Spice Rack"
Commissioned by Sherry.
Painted by the customer
Name Tag Roller
Doll Bed
Eyeglass Holder
Door Bell Cover
Doll Display Case
TV Cabinet
Spice Rack
Puzzle Board
"2 drawer Jigsaw Puzzle Board"
Commissioned by Judy
Toy Box
"Toy Box"
Commissioned by Rusty & Linda
Fox Bench
Wood Creations, Fine Art, &  Literature  By Michael E. Riffel
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        Corn Hole Boards
"X-Leg Country Table" (Unfinished)
Commissioned by Erin
The Table is 60" x 32" x 16"
"Night Light Cube"
Commissioned for Khazhay

With a battery operated  crystal light placed inside it provides four different customized images in rotating colors.
"Cuttting Board"
Commissioned by Rick
"Dolphin Night Light Cube"
With a battery operated  crystal light placed inside it provides four different customized images in rotating colors.
5 gallon  Western Pig Trough"
" Steamer Trunk"
" Rocking Unicorn"

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