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Over the years, I have found myself creating what I believe are original quotes and sayings.  One can argue the term "Original" since we are a product of our environment.  Some may be thought of as profound and others as idiotic, nonetheless, I spew them onto this page for all to read and make up their own minds.

I would love to discuss any of these quotes with you in a fun filled exchange of thoughts and ideas.
1.  "Imagination is limited by our comprehension while  faith exceeds our comprehension."

2.  "Art will vanish with the extinction of intelligence."

3.  "Our minds reflect our expectations but rarely do our expectations reflect our reality."

4.  "Art is nothing more than fodder for the human senses."

5.  "The only Art that a politician should affect is Political Satire."

6.  "Politics, like life, is continuous. Like it or not, it's with you till you die."

7.  "The Soul leaves the body upon death to seek out another form of manifestation."

8.  "To be a sellout, the world must first know who you really are, not what you pretend to be."

9.  "There is NO darkness, we are just unable to see the light."

10. "Art is a personal conversation with our soul that we choose to let others hear, see, feel, and taste."

11. "Quit being lazy in thought and introspection.  To understand yourself is to understand the world."

12.  "Artists are not important people; however, important people may be artists."

13.  "I have seen the center of the Universe, yet my eyes were closed.  When I opened my eyes the world seemed very small and restrictive.  Which perception shall I follow, for both are mine."   

14.  "We create things for others to experience, and we experience things that others create.  We are one in the World of Art."

15. " If you no longer want to be an artist, close your eyes and plug your ears, then I will acknowledge you as someone special." 

16. "Equality only exists among humans twice, at birth and at death."

17.  "If you don't know where you're going, you will never get there and continue to blame others for every wrong turn."

18.  "With Photography, one can only capture the past.  For once the shutter has closed, life has moved on.  It is far better to experience the present, for you are always there."

19.  "As long as we understand a person's motives, we should not be shocked by their actions."

20.  "I'm sure I will have another profound thought soon."

21.  "The only thing that makes human intelligent is that they know they aren't......and, if you think you are, you aren't."

22.  "Politics will forever be intwines with life."
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